Waste water treatment plant

Using artificial intelligence (Ai) that learns from your historical data, hAidro prescribes optimal control actions based on your goals and your system's real-time and forecasted conditions.

Sludge Process

Optimize aeration and recycle flows based on wasterwater loading profile.


Optimize Chlorine addition and Sodium Bisulfite quenching while maintaining required disinfection dose.

Anaerobic Digestion

Maximize value-added resource production while reducing corrosive H2S gas generation.

Wastewater expertise meets data intelligence

Provider of Wastewater Analytics

hAidro provides data analytics for wastewater processes. The company's cloud-based solution tracks and predicts key performance metrics which provides insights into the wasterwater process.

Enabling Predictive Work

hAidro's KRYSTALTM harnesses the power of predictive data intelligence for "what-if" analyses, performance monitoring and operational efficiency.

A Strategic Partner to Your Succes

hAidro partners with operators, managers, and executives to proactively manage their resources and wastewater systems to stay compliant with discharge permits.

Empowering operators: KRYSTALTM

Reduce operational

Increase efficiency
to reduce
operational costs

Ensure continuity &
boost resilience

Fortify your
operations against
crisis events

Prevent costly

Minimize unplanned
downtime and
stressful process upsets

Improve regulation

Avoid unnecessary
violation fines

Extend equipment &
asset lifespans

Control expensive
capital replacement


Optimize use of
chemicals to drive

Security is of the utmost importance

  • encryption-at-rest & transt

While your data is not in use or in transit, it remains encrypted. This means it remains scrambled and incomprehensible.

  • cloud compliance

We layer a series of defensive mechanisms on top one another in order to protect your valuable data and information.

  • routine security assessment

We perform routine security and vulnerability scanning of our services in order to validate its adherence with compliance requirements, assess our employee's security awareness, and assess the organization's ability to identify and respond to security incidents as a whole.