Green Hydrogen
Blockchain Notary

Certifying Green Hydrogen, from origin to consumers

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Our vision is to accelerate the world’s energy transition towards a sustainable future for all by leveraging cutting edge technology.

Haidro will certify each individual unit of transportable Green Hydrogen!

Green hydrogen ecosystem

About the Product

Green Hydrogen lifecycle & Haidro

Step 1
Connect with Haidro team and start to Integrate SCADA into secure Haidro Oracle.

Step 2 (Phase 2)
Use Haidro Tracking system to record location and carbon emissions onto a secure ledger

Step 3
Empower consumers with Proof-of-origin certificates and analytics directly from Haidro platform.

Step 4
Improve worldwide sustainability, optimize supply chain processes and differentiate yourself on the market - while increasing revenue.

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Meet our team


Jackson Ye

12+ years Engineering Technopreneur from Stanford

Entrepreneur-in-Residence @ Pioneer Square Labs with experience from Sembcorp, Abengoa, AECOM, Ovivo


Ivan Orehovec

Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

Experienced Tech Lead with 2 funded startups, 6 years of experience in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Software development.


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